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   One objective of our current, subtle renovation is to take the cookie-cutter colonial and blow it out to feel as large and fresh as possible. These pictures are admittedly not as dramatic as the last remodel, where we resurrected a shaggy abode out of its pure 1970's funk. In this house we learned that the early nineties had its own issues, mostly just bland design.

©2016 Zoll - Family Room - Before & After
   The only, truly horrible problem with this house was the poorly chosen color palette in the interior. There are no less than five shades of soul-sucking beige, and to drive the point home they have a very flat sheen, robbing the interior of any hope of daylight. The colors also work against the hardwood floors which were the only selling point in the listing.
   My go-to approach for paint selection is the white canvas. I start by returning all the walls and trim to a neutral white. I first adopted this palette years ago to showcase our art collection, but I soon recognized the more important side effect of bouncing light and breathing air into any space.
   The family room had unnecessary crown molding and the decision was made to remove it, resulting in cleaner lines, while emphasizing the tall ceilings. Our initial inspections missed the sloppy masonry repair work on the fireplace. It would have taken a tremendous effort to clean and restore it. The dowdy red brick color was also in conflict with the upscale flooring. We pushed forward with the trendy, white brick paint job which yielded greater punch to the honey tones in the wood floor
   There are still small details to add, but I wanted to share the latest alterations. An unexpected result of this room's completion was a sense of renewal and purpose. All of my framed artwork has been wrapped up for over a year and I forgot how comforting it is to see "your stuff." My wife has patiently waited while I bounce around to extinguish small fires and fix necessities that supersede cosmetic updates. I would have to say that she is also very pleased to have at least one room that feels like home.

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