Anniversary Edition

   This is not my dream home. I have already gone over my general disgust of the bland exterior and the homogeneous neighborhood that I look upon everyday. The objective moving back was to land in Ohio and transition quickly in order to retain continuity for the kids. The successive goals were a new job for my wife, and then look for our dream home after that. While my wife is embarking on a new career, our eyes have turned back to internet property searches.
   The experience of the super-size home has been informing, it has shown me how much house we really need. During the interior makeover, we have been comfortable without the fourth bedroom and third bath. The formal dining room and living room have proven to be superfluous as well. That is easily a thousand square feet that is just unneeded, extra space. It also reminded me that I could do without neighbors all together. Most importantly, architecture does matter when it comes to home pride.

©2016 Zoll - Exterior Before & After

   There is only so much you can do with one of these vinyl boxes. The color is Green Cell Grey, or is it Grey Sell Green? Either way, it is sun faded and ill. We chose to push the palette towards blue grey and breathe some life with the addition of new dimensional shingles. Black sconces, and replacement shutters added a meager amount of punch to the features, much better than the lifeless brass and earthtones. The house was also hiding behind overgrown landscaping that needed love and definition.
   Whether we stay or go, I need to slog through the remaining projects in order to have the house staged and ready to sell. I will continue to document the changes and supply more of the "before and after" photos....Whoa! that is one heavy post, reminder to self, do not write after a long gruelling day.

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