Black Sabbatical

   Breathe deeply, let the universe pass through you and dissolve into the molecular commonality that defines all creation. The massive, empty space between atoms vibrating, never actually touching. Pierced by a thorn, pain only perception, pause and take account of all that has happened.
©2015 Zoll - "Black Sabbatical"
   There is a time for writing and a time for action, right now however, is a hiccup. A violent constriction of my diaphragm, annoying and distracting. I have been an artist and maker all my life, I profoundly understand the cycles of prolificacy. Rarely does a creator crank out goods from birth to death with only a fifteen minute lunch break. I am not talking about writer's block either, I do not believe in it. I do not believe in the "blank canvas" or the "white wall" either. Those are excuses by novice producers that have not observed the natural ebb and flow of life.
   It makes sense to be multi-discipline diversified, my heroes balance multiple trades while holding a bottomless toolkit. I once thought that I had to make a choice and focus my concentration. While it is true that this is the quickest route to mastery, it leaves you feeble in the fields of drought. Switch gears, hell drop it in to four-wheel low and head back to camp. Do you really know where you were headed?
   This is your update, a post written to let you know that I am the Manic Maker, and I am busy. Or should I say biz-aay. A good friend sent a soft jab at me, referencing blogs failing and petering out because of lack of dedication. I am the Manic Maker and I am busy. Too busy in fact, to pass on clever, DIY tips and tricks free of charge. I will get to it later.
   This is my study hall, cramming for the big test. To the handful of dedicated readers, hang in there, Fall is looking good. Half a dozen new posts written, waiting for artwork and final tweaks, there is definitely more to come.

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