Manic Maker Heart

   Running wild like any good maniac would, with limited time and substantial workload ahead, I finally got a day to organize my shop. The garage was a dumping ground when we finished unloading the truck and it has been hard to navigate the mess ever since. Even worse, I have had to function without my workbench, cutting wood on top of buckets and wheelbarrows. Wasting valuable time searching for essential equipment lost abroad, without its proper home.
   A well-built workbench is such a beautiful, basic structure. I have thought about writing this post in the past, but it did not meet my criteria, there was nothing new, or innovative to share. The epic move has changed my mind. This simple, hard-topped cabinet is my entire shop, everything else is superfluous.

Manic Maker Heart   An off-the-shelf, melamine workbench with a few additional modifications like hasp locks, a  backboard and a Masonite top.  I would not part with this amazing piece of furniture for anything.
   Heavy as all get out, but we still hauled it 2500 miles to our new home. Granted, any table would suffice, but this piece holds the entirety of my life's acquired skills. The humble soldier packs my router, circular saw, sawzall, jigsaw, hammer drill, electrical and plumbing kits and most importantly every other hand tool I own.
   It sounds silly, but the house feels more like a home now, and I feel more confident with my partner at my side. I recently mourned my last house, but I now realize that I brought the heart with me. As the ideas leave my head, traveling towards my hands, they ultimately achieve fruition on the old, haggard plinth. With this said, I move forward, knowing anything is possible when properly equipped.

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