Christmas Hugs

   Christmas is special to millions of people for a lot of the same reasons, and that harmony within humankind is what is truly special. Whether it is Family, Love, Compassion, Charity or the birth of Christ, this unity fosters the hope that gives birth to a new calendar year. It is no longer a single day, but an entire seasonal event. The month long commercial holiday has finally eclipsed it's little brother Thanksgiving, and is now chomping on the heels of Halloween.
   Personally, I have an extensive list of reasons why I love Christmas. As an overworked, stay-at-home dad, December is the month that I gear down and take on no new projects. With a break from Manic Maker mayhem, I thought long and hard about what to publish for my last post of 2014.
   It just happened that my boys and I wrote a song for my wife. It is by no means a new Christmas classic, but one of the best presents they could give their mom. I am extremely proud of my three-year-old son for writing the lyrics and accompanying me on kazoo. The audio is poor, but the content is rich. Thank you for all your love and support. I will see you in the new year. Happy Holidays!

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