WIP's List

   The project currently underway is a massive undertaking that involves moving trees, shrubs, earth, utilities, and small mountains to achieve my landscaping "Sistine Chapel." Envision Mr. Miyagi's garden from Karate Kid I, sans koi pond. Years of site study and planning have generated a concept for a private garden, that will provide the backdrop for future family and social gatherings.

Work In Progress
   I am still a stay-at-home dad and a one man crew. The amount of labor ahead of me is truly daunting. Even though it is overwhelming, I am dedicated to seeing it all the way through completion this summer.
   This does take me away from luxuries such as writing fresh posts for this blog. This has been the longest break between posts since its inception, and I have come to realize how important it is to my well-being. As for now, I do have several other posts to share when weather will no longer allow me to proceed outdoors.
   The nature of this blog has always been to share unique ideas and solutions that I have discovered along the way of my creative endeavors. However, this is not a means to an end. The most important part of my process is still the design build principle.

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