Mega Baby Gate 2.0

   When researching ideas for a kiddo barricade, I came across some crazy configurations. I really try not to judge other parents or their style, but some of these play areas were way over the top. They seemed to loose touch with the idea of keeping their kids away from hazards and looked more like high security prisons. Once your corral is bigger than a standard bedroom, you may have lost focus. Of course, I had my own take on securing a play area and how to execute this on the cheap.

Mega Baby Gate 2.0
   The commercially available play yards can add up quick and I have a hard time modifying something that just cost me a couple hundred dollars brand new. My initial idea involved marrying a couple gates together while still retaining the ability to use their pressure fit installation. The mega gate 1.0 was constructed from (3) Evenflo baby gates that cost $10.00 apiece.
   This first version worked, but as my toddler grew stronger, I could tell this would not stand the test of time. I reinforced the first version with a top and bottom rail, then mounted it directly to the post and wall. This removed any remaining flex and made the gate rigid enough for an adult to sit on.
   The music room has already moved several times throughout the renovation and I was concerned that I would lose this precious space to the kids. I did not need to keep the kids in, as much as I needed to keep them away from fragile gear like amps, cables and guitars. The Mega Baby Gate 2.0 subdivided our open basement playroom and generated the necessary "Dad Space" for sessions.

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