Manic Maker's First Design-Build

Mini Ramp Skeleton
   It is not good to live in the past, but it is worth visiting every now and again to sort out the source of things. I recently contacted a dear old friend that I had lost contact with over the years. In my stream of consciousness, this project from my youth resurfaced, and shined with new light. It is always a trip when the universe spins a certain way and reveals itself to you at just the right time.
   This blog has been mostly retrospective, slowly weaving yarn between the various events over the last two decades. As I continue to write, the line grows taut and I see the connections a little more clearly. I now see this moment in time as a catalyst, the beginning of my future capabilities. It could be said that I took this time for granted, but I am more amazed that I never saw the significance of this work.
   This structure was the first large scale commission that I built. I did the research, drew up the plans and helped with the construction of this beast. I was aided with the help of my two closest friends and it took us several comical weeks to finish.
   Equally powerful, the forces of creation and destruction were at play. The lumber was salvaged from one friend's home recently destroyed by a tornado. The virgin plywood alone was near $2000, not cheap for three middle-class high school students. It was a project of love and that essential drive, to see it completed, reverberates through everything I have built since.
   I would also learn why large scale objects, whether ramps or exterior sculptures can be a burden. Ultimately this hallowed place met its demise at the business end of my father's chainsaw. He had been transferred out of state and the ramp was detrimental to our home's resale value.
  Ironically, I was really a lousy skater at the time and I never got to experience the sweetness of my design work. The other local skaters did though, and that made it worth while. If I had a time machine, this would certainly be my moment to relive again.

Logan County Mini Ramp - Circa 1992
Logan County Mini Ramp - Circa 1992


Anonymous said...

wish I could have seen this..

Anonymous said...

Yep,ya'll used my metal coping for that ramp,good tymes

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