IKEA Rocker Mod

Tweaked - IKEA Lillberg Rocker
More Mid-Century, Less Frumpy
   The Lillberg rocker has the right aesthetic, but has been quite uncomfortable since day one. We live in a pretty remote area, and the closest Ikea is seven hours away. When we were putting together our nursery we decided to assemble a suite to match our other birch bedroom furniture.
   We had the entire order freighted to our house. So we did not have the benefit of trying before buying. Per usual, my easygoing wife did not really see the problem, but I knew the rocking chair could be better.
   The oversize cushions offered little support and were quite lumpy. After spending some time with this chair, I realized that the back was too reclined to get in to a tolerable position. As you know by now, I am not one that is not willing to give up on an item I paid good money for. And once again thinking out-of-the-box proved fruitful. With a little research I found that the Lillberg cushion dimensions were close to "deep seat" cushions used on outdoor furniture. I was able to find a pair of firm cushions at Target that fit perfectly. The best part is they are waterproof, which you could not ask for more in a nursery rocker.
   That resolved the seating, but the back angle was still off. I pulled out a set of quick clamps and played around with adjusting the angle. We came to an agreement and I used a simple wood screw with a steel bushing as a new backstop. The rocker is perfect and my son enjoys his bedtime story sitting beside me. Another very specific solution to improve upon a piece from Ikea.

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