The Manic Maker

   Why Manic Maker? Why change your identity after seven years? Well, I have been battling with another copycat site for most of that run, and he has successfully overridden my presence on relevant searches. That is the short, boring synopsis of my headache. Honestly, I needed to reconsider what my domain meant to this blog. It turns out that the old identity was somewhat pretentious and now quite irrelevant. This writing endeavor is meant to be universally forward thinking as well as informative. I really do not want any connection to a stodgy old fool or his practice.

Manic Maker Attack
   This decision would lead to a grueling brainstorm that swirled about for three straight days. After generating a solid fifty, usable and available dotcoms, I was still not satisfied with the results. I needed a perfect match, similar to building your dream house. Then it hit me, a domain that I swore I had already looked over. It was dead on perfect.
   Every serious creative project that I have ever embarked on has sent me into a mania. A blind, detached, hellbent focus that can only be satisfied after tearing my body to shreds and sending my mind to a higher level. I am not saying this is a good thing, this is how I have always functioned.
   This behavior just recently became clear to me. It is funny, because I was always standing calmly in the eye of the storm, and could not witness the madness. And who can argue with the prolific nature of the beast. I now know how dangerous this high can be.
   The second part should be a little more obvious. I view myself as a maker instead of an artist. You do not get these results by pushing paper, bossing underlings, watching cable, or even sleeping. The name has changed but the focus is the same. Spring is near and the project guy already has a short list of custom work around the house. With more sun on the way, I will be able to document last year's hardscaping and plantings. There are plenty of tips to share with you as well. I swear I can always hear the damn home depot voice-over in my brain....So lets pull up our sleeves and start making.

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