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Ikea Klippan Bookcase Mod   First off, I do not care for this title, I prefer Ikea mods, but I have learned to go with the google flow. This post contains two hacks, one that I made and another one that is still a concept.
   The Klippan loveseat is one of my favorite Ikea pieces. This sofa is light enough to be moved by one person and relatively cheap. The only downside is that you cannot completely lay down flat and take a nap. Otherwise, the seating is really supportive and comfortable.
   Our much loved Klippan has been relegated to the kid's playroom, where we are short on storage. I got an idea from Dwell Magazine where a bookcase was integrated into a built-in couch. I wanted to shortcut this idea and simplify it. I bought black, foil finished shelving on clearance and drew up a basic bookcase to fit under the loveseat. The finished seat is a couple inches higher than the stock legs, but well worth the easy access to books and puzzles.
Ikea Klippan Concept Chair   The concept design is for a new Klippan chair. I was prepared to buy the loveseat and reverse engineer it in order to make this a reality. I am still convinced that I could pull it off. However, with a little patience, my wife convinced me to buy a new living room set locally. I am pretty sure I know why Ikea does not offer this chair, they want to sell their other quirky swivel chairs. They briefly sold a wider sofa version of the Klippan and if paired with this chair, it would be an affordable nod to Le Corbuiser, minus the chrome.


Anonymous said...

I love your idea of this armchair. I'd totally buy it.

Anonymous said...

so want this chair for my klippan sofas

Anonymous said...

I made one.

Not sure how to add a picture. sent pictures to the Ikea Hacks website, they may upload a post.

Manic Maker said...

Awesome, I would like to see the hack too. Post a link, or email me a photo. I just tried adding a picture to the comments section, and I do not believe it is supported in Blogger. Thanks for sharing.

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