All Weather Skatepark Kit

   Be prepared, once the DIY mentality takes root, it crosses over into every aspect of your life. After moving to Montana and being subject to nature's whims, I assembled an all weather skatepark kit. It contains the essentials for making a wet park rideable within minutes. The whole kit comes in under $50.00 and should last well into your old man skate years.
   The essentials include a 24" Bulldozer broom by Quickies. I like this broom because of the dense filaments and broad path. This multi-purpose tool is nice for clearing light powdery snow that is sitting on the surface. Often times there will be completely dry concrete underneath. I also pair this broom with an industrial dustpan. That has come in handy countless times. I currently drive a compact hatchback and the kit has been condensed over the last couple years. I swapped out the broom handle for a short paint roller extension handle. The 48" handle enables me to keep the whole kit in the trunk year round, ready for action.
All Weather Skatepark Kit   The next important tool is a foam rubber squeegee. This style is far superior to hard rubber models because it really bites into sealed and porous surfaces. The squeegee is for the first stage in water removal, and sometimes all that is necessary. When time is of the essence, and you are so close to riding, a pack of bath towels can really expedite the process. I was a skeptic, but I have seen the magic first hand.
    I am old school and cannot skate without music. I am not as big a fan of earbuds as the younger generation is. I found the best solution for a raging session is a Dewalt jobsite radio. The absolute best part is that it is also a battery charger that will run off of my 18 volt packs.
   Another expensive, optional item would be a gas leaf blower. The hot blown air will thaw thin ice as well as rapidly dry the surface. If I had a truck, this would be with me throughout winter skating. I will carry shovels and an ice scraper on days that require it, but these are add-ons, and only necessary for the initial spring cleanup.
   Snowboarding is still enjoyable, but given the opportunity, I will choose skateboarding any day. It is far cheaper and it is a lot more efficient use of my time. I am fortunate to have a nice concrete park nearby, and with a little work it is skateable year round. So, quit your bellyachin' and get to shovelin'.

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