I Married A Model

   Intrinsically saturated with nostalgia, Fall has always held a romantic power over me. Back-to-school season and the impending holidays cannot help but evoke memories of youth. Now operating with my very own set of little children, I am finding this feeling stronger than ever. Some feel renewed in Spring and I understand their relief of winter passing. Flush in symbolism, flowers budding, and the reincarnation of another year. Not for me though, I prefer the liquor of reflection, introspection and catching my breath after the long trials of summer.
   Sipping on this sweet contemplation, I feel grateful. My wife deserves a hefty pat on the back for all of her hard work that she does for our family. Without her determination and perseverance, we would not be living here in this beautiful house surrounded by the Rocky Mountains.

1997 - 1998 Boston Mills / Brandywine Brochure   She is our unsung hero, our guardian and our foundation. Personally, I have been a handful to live with all on my own, much less the addition of two young boys.
   There are a lot of benefits to writing a blog, and although I avoid overly intimate posts, it does give me a platform to occasionally embarrass the ones I love (note the picture.)
   My wife and I are approaching nineteen years together. She is the coolest girl I have ever met, and remains so to this day.
   As the story goes, a much younger me thought he knew how to snowboard and eagerly joined a weekend ski trip to spend time with a cute girl. Soon after, everyone else dropped out of the excursion, and we were left to spend the weekend alone. The very first run down the mountain revealed this girl really knew how to snowboard and I did not.
   The image of her disappearing over the bluff and out of sight only heightened the attraction. My arrogance was quickly put into check as she kindly gave me pointers on the lift ride. It turned out that not only had I blindly pursued this charming girl, but in fact she was a seasoned snowboard instructor as well. I have thought about this story many times and it could not work out any other way, I knew she was the one.

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Ahhh... Were there tears?

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