"The Project Guy"

   Our neighborhood was built in the mid 1970's. All the evergreen trees are now mature and it gives the block a lot of character. Along with the half acre lots, it is the main reason that I fell in love with our house.
   I should also add that we bought a total dump of a house, but we had stars in our eyes and unbreakable determination. As the layers were peeled away, the rehabilitation became my full time job. Slowly, a collection of power tools replaced my digital pens and studio time.
   We have had several years of positive feedback and admiration for the hard work to transform the beast into a nice place. I was repeatedly asked if I was a "flipper." I would explain that I wanted to do all the work now, and enjoy it well into old age.

river rock landscaping in front of zollstudios
April Snow - 2012
   I found out last night that I have acquired a nickname in the neighborhood. At first I cringed, wondering who I offended with my disregard for passersby. We live at the front of a busy street and I ignore most of the traffic. If I started waving to people I would never get anything done.
   My wife was excited to come home from work, and share this illustrious title. She had been helping a young woman who happened to live at the other end of our street. As they shared stories, our neighbor realized that my wife was married to "the project guy!" My wife responded, "yes, that is him."
   That title put a smile on my face that is still with me today. It was delivered to me at just the right time, as I begin the laborious process of detailing my projects in this blog. Thank you.

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