New Wave Belt

   It has been interesting to go back in time and fight with some demons. This project came to me at the perfect time. The haggard VHS tapes would not have made it many more years, and I will not have the time to readdress this digital production.
   I am satisfied with the 8 videos, they cover the four years I was on stage from 1996 until 1999. It was ultimately my choice to walk away from the greatest musical experiment that I had ever experienced. At the time it was a distraction from a five year long Bachelor's degree that need not go to six.
   I continue to enjoy making music and I will present new tracks later this year. Along with the videos, I pushed through a pile of ancient audio tapes this past summer, in order to convert the warping tapes to digital tracks.
   The All American Kids Club was not good at producing hi-fidelity merchandise. By the time of our last recording we were at the height of our prowess. We were also dancing on the edge of our grave. The last set of recordings were cherry-picked and I will release 30+ tracks from the All American Kids Club soon.
   As a father, I was compelled to finish this archive and present it to the universe. There are no accolades or awards, just a heavy dose of nostalgia. Nothing to gain except a few smiles for friends who were there. I am personally glad to have those special evenings documented. I would also like to thank all the individuals who shot footage and saved it for all these years. You can check out my YouTube page for all the remaining "Music Past" videos.

"Canada" by the All American Kids Club.

"Children's Crusade" by Ichluga.

"Evil Tower" by Ichluga.

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