Truth In Media

   Half of the country is in mourning while the other half is kicking sand in the eyes of the vanquished. After observing a fairly benign interview with baroness Conway, my uneasiness lies in not how we got here, but what we have to look forward to in the future months, and years. The baroness quickly turned a simple examination into the same stale, rancid meat of her now infamous campaign.
   A banal question of facts is undercut with partisan bile. Undermining every criticism, every single time with accusations of extreme bias, leads intelligent citizens to believe that we no longer exist in a free Democracy, but an ongoing, diluted FOX news commentary. A time and place where our leaders talk down to us, or even worse shout at us like misbehaving children.
   What if the far right is willing to reach out to foreign countries to aid in the illicit co-opting of our government leadership? They are Americans, this is the country they want, who is to say that is not their privilege? If they want it and are willing to do anything to achieve this, who am I to deny their success. But how do we really know this is the way the scales have tipped? We can no longer trust anything, especially mainstream news organizations according to the president-elect.
   It is every American citizen's right to believe whatever fantastic horseshit they want, after all this country was founded on the freedom of religious worship. My concern is that there will be absolutely no questioning the authority of the president without the fear of prosecution. Sound familiar?
   We know there is no truth in the world any longer, we have been stretched and pulled to the breaking point. Our civil fabric is riddled with holes and snags. The problem with the dark forces behind the clandestine power grab is that they have grossly underestimated the fragility of our bonds. Or...maybe they know how frail we are as a country of open ideas and endless possibilities. They already prefer darkness, isolation, and secrecy. Time will tell if their real motive is to downsize the federal government to an endpoint, where only disconnected city-states remain.
   When did we stop being a collective of Americans and became a foul nation of disenfranchised haters. Since 9/11, a new distorted view of patriotism has heralded in an age of bigotry that reaches far beyond Muslims in our country. The new world order has been mocked and trivialized by the very people that wish to see its fulfillment. Somehow jesting that it is a ludicrous notion, while executing the precursory steps in broad daylight.
   I trust my instincts, but so do the misinformed that believe the lunacy fed to them by sidebar prophets. This is the problem with everyone being "in-the-know." The power mongers have properly manipulated the era of social media and are now dominating political outcomes. All that I would ask, is that my fellow Americans question the source and motivation of everything, especially the blind gospel, so innocently consumed without hesitation.

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